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100% Not Equal

I remember dating this guy and for some reason, we just couldn't get it together! He was (and still is) a very good guy. We enjoyed each other's time and had fun together. But when it came down to serious issues or disagreements, we could never compromise and/or see eye to eye. It bothered me because I just couldn't figure out why.

One day, we decided to sit down and have a heart to heart, with no judgement and no arguments. The consensus was that we were both giving the relationship all we had. He was giving HIS 100% and I was giving MY 100% but our percentages looked different to one another. And there laid our problem. To me, his 100% looked like 62 and my 100% looked like 54. Even though we were both giving it our all individually, collectively, it wasn't enough.

What does 100% look like to you? When someone disappoints you or hurts you, did they truly mean to or were you just expecting something else to happen? Are you not satisfied with the action of others because he/she is doing enough or are they not doing enough in YOUR mind?

And what does your 100% look like to others? Is it as perfect as you think? I'll bet you it isn't.

Give others (and yourself) some grace. Everyone's heart, effort, love language, etc is different. Be patient with people, as you need patience yourself.

And always, keep it 100 in everything you do!


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