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2022... A Growing Experience

Happy New Year

While many are prepping for the new year with resolutions and plans, I like to reflect on the previous year. I think about the good times and the bad and I also try to take a moment to reflect on all of the experiences throughout the year.

I recently wrote about 2022 being my "Blossom Year". Now one would ask, how is it at 43 years old, could this be a blossom year for me. I did a lot this year that I normally would not have done. I traveled alone. I did simple things like going out to eat and visiting new places alone. I tried new foods. I tasted different and exotic drinks. I did more networking for my business. I expanded my business. I took new chances. Basically, I lived outside of my box and reached beyond my comfort zone.

But of course, with all the good, there had to be a little bit of bad. And honestly, I try not to think of it as bad, but simply as what was meant to happen. I lost some (what I thought would be) forever friends. I had to make and act out on decisions I didn't want to make. I was hurt by loved ones. I watched people suffer with sickness and illness. It was tough. I learned how to set boundaries and also how to respect boundaries. And I can't lie, respecting boundaries for people you love and care about was much harder than I thought. Some experiences showed me that I am much tougher than I once thought I was.

But through it all, I had some amazing people love on me and help me. Several people stepped up to the plate and made sure I didn't fail. I truly have a tribe that had (and still has) my back I grew. Things that once bothered me seemed to roll off of my shoulders. I'm not as hot headed as I once was. I walk with my head held high instead of looking at the ground. I speak with a little more confidence. I'm accepting that it's ok to have a big heart even when others think it's lame. And even though there are physical things about myself that I desire to change, I'm loving myself more and more just the way I am.

I look forward to 2023. I too, have set goals and aspirations for the new year. I am taking everything as it comes. I am determined to live in the moment and be less anxious about the things that I cannot control. What's meant to be shall be. What I'm meant to have will be given and awarded to me. I am no longer forcing anything (friendships, relationships, business ventures, etc) just for the sake of having it. I will no longer self-sabotage, I will do what needs to be done to be successful, in spite of adversity. I will not care what anyone thinks or says about me because I've learned that people will talk about you whether you are failing or if you are successful.

In 2023, I hope you do what's best for you! I pray that you are successful and have all that God has designed for you to have. It is my wish that each and every one of you live and live to the fullest. Be unapologetic about simply doing YOU! Live, love, laugh and have a happy NEW YEAR!


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