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48 Hours in New Orleans

Welcome to Vacation Week pt 2!!!

Let me just say this has been one of the best vacations I have ever had. It started with sunny Cancun. We left Cancun and went to hot and humid New Orleans.

There, I enjoyed the sights and sounds of Bourbon St., as well as chills and thrills of a night time Haunted Cemetery Tour. Let me tell y’all, that haunted tour was something that I never thought I’d do but it was actually fun (and frightening). I never knew New Orleans had so many cemeteries all in one area. Our last stop on the tour was the Katrina Memorial. Though it was a bit scary, it was a very humbling experience. And of course, the food was amazing! We almost had a brawl over the beignets. He ate too many of the first batch and I ate too many of the second batch. So, the THIRD batch, was more than enough!

I also got a tarot reading! That was an exciting adventure all in itself! Oh, and a store clerk tell me interesting things about my birthmark regarding Buddhist beliefs. (Comment if you would like to hear about that). New Orleans is always a good spot for delicious food, boozy drinks, people watching, and a down right good time! Plan you a trip now!


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