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913 Whiskey Bar & Southern Kitchen…Greensboro, NC

A long time friend hit me up to help him celebrate his birthday a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen him in forever, so I was not about to miss it! The celeb was at this cute restaurant in Greensboro, NC called 913 Whiskey Bar and Southern Kitchen.

Here’s my review:

🚘: It was easy to find (with GPS) and there was plenty of parking behind the restaurant. 🧱: The outside offered a very welcoming ambiance as you entered the front door. The name is illuminated on the ground, which was nice and the decor definitely gives the vibe of an old town whiskey bar.

👩‍🍳: The staff was very friendly and attentive but not overbearing! I appreciated that.

***Food Review***

🍗 For starters, I got the honey bbq wings. They were boneless (which it did not specify on the menu). They were brought to the table within 5 minutes of me ordering. (I was shooketh). They were cold and the sauce seemed to be thrown on. Had they been hot and tossed, they would have been ok. 5/10

🍣: I ordered the salmon with garlic mashed potatoes and mac and cheese for my entree. The salmon was good but nothing to scream about (Same for the potatoes). Y’all know I’m a mac and cheese snob so I hd high hopes, especially for a “Southern Kitchen” establishment. It was fair, closer to good than bad, but it was no “southern” mac and cheese. I give the entree as a whole a 7/10.

🍹: My drink of choice for the evening was the Paloma. Palomas are tequila based, usually with lime and grapefruit. This was the highlight of the night. It was mixed very well and offered an exuberant flavor that was pleasing to the palate. It definitely got a 10/10!

i would love to return and give some of the other options a try. If you go, tell me what you think!

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