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A Blue's Clue of Nostalgia

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Yesterday, Steve Burns, the original host of the popular kid's show Blue's Clues, posted a video that had adults in tears. People around the world are talking about this two minute video and why it is so special to so many. There are many young people (25 and under) who don't understand what the big deal is and why there is so much talk about. But to those like myself, who have circled the globe a few more times than they have, here's what the hoopla is about:

(These are my thoughts and my thoughts only)

(1) In the beginning of the video, Steve says "Hi! Got a second?" For starters, just seeing someone that we went from spending so much time with to not seeing at all was a warm fuzzy feeling in itself. It was like seeing an old friend or family member that we had not seen or spoken to in years but still had love and feelings for.

(2) He then says "Remember when we were running around finding clues?" Now, I don't know about you but that immediately took me back to a time when life was much simpler. Bills weren't due on the first, middle, and end of the month. Responsibilities were at a minimum and all it took to make us happy was a bowl of cereal and a color tv with no interruptions from the parents.

(3) Now this is where it took a turn (for me). Steve reminds us that all of a sudden, he introduced us to Joe, made Joe our best friend, and then got on a bus and left. And that was that. We didn't see him anymore. Talk about a trigger! i don't know about you but this reminded so many adults of how other things in life just abruptly ended. It reminded us of divorces, children leaving the homes, death of parents, job losses, and more. It reminded us of how abrupt changes can affect us and often times, not in a good way. He acknowledged this and even though he understood how it may have had a negative effect on many, he also showed how his departure painted a positive picture. He explained how it allowed him (and us) to go to college and accomplish so many things that we used to dream of as children. He offered encouragement by reminding us that we now have families and careers and that we should be proud of ourselves.

(4) The final part that really stood out to me and to so many others is that Steve told us that we all looked good and that he was proud of us. Steve is proud of us! Now why is that so important to those who now have grandchildren that could be entertained by BC reruns? It was a reassurance that even in these tough times, we are doing something right. To have someone that we grew up watching tell us that he is proud of us was like a breath of fresh air. It was almost the same feeling you get when you get praise and/or reassurance from a parent or a child. It was the pat on the back that so many long for but never get. It was the push that that encouraged someone to keep going in the midst of quitting.

(5) Steve said he never forgot us and thanked us for listening. He never forgot us. How many people feel forgotten, especially after a breakup, a separation of some sort, or any type of loss? He knew that after 20+ years, we never forgot him and that it would do our hearts some good to let us know that he never forgot us. And then there was the "thank you". He thanked US for listening to HIM. In a world of social media and a time when people cancel people at the drop of a hat, he took a risk by making that video. He could have been ridiculed and ignored. But he wasn't and he showed appreciation to us and for us.

Like us, Steve is all grown up. He showed us how tasks, responsibilities, and well, life, can cause people to grow apart, And unfortunately, sometimes we grow apart without notice. But separation isn't always caused by anger or disdain. Sometimes, when God tells us to go or move, we just have to do it. I encourage you (and myself) to love hard on the people in your life. Love super hard on the people that love hard on you. You never know when it may be their time (or yours) to go. And not everyone gets a chance to come back and explain.

Get it?


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