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A Company Check

When I was younger, I used to always hear the saying “misery loves company“. And for the most parr, I find it to be true. But how can you tell when you are keeping the company of misery? Because after all, if you are keeping misery’s company, doesn’t that make you...well, miserable too?

The older I get, I truly understand what it means to protect my peace! Things that used to make me come out of character don’t bother me anymore. There were times I would have popped off at the mouth REAL QUICK at the slightest sign of disrespect. Now, I laugh and keep it moving. Now don’t get it twisted! That doesn’t mean I will let people run over me however, my peace and my happiness requires me to level up and go to a higher maturity level. With everything going on in the world today, please do what you have to do to protect yourself in all aspects of life: physically, spiritually, and mentally! Everyday, I see people who live a beautiful world but hide a miserable heart (and it’s sad and downright disappointing) Make sure the company you keep is good company TO KEEP! (Read that part again). If it’s something or someone that is going to bring your vibe down, disrespect you, talk crap or be shady towards you, remember, that is not company that should be kept! That’s misery’s company! The company I want to keep lifts me up, encourages me, corrects me when I’m wrong, but most importantly, cares for me and loves me! Anything else is simply unacceptable!


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