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A Familiarity Traffic Jam

I was on my way home from a doctor appointment the other day and I wasn't too familiar with the area, so I turned on my GPS. It gave me the quickest route home so I headed that way. As I was driving, I realized where I was, so I turned the GPS off and took an exit I was familiar with. Why did I do that!!! I ended up sitting in traffic for forever! Ok! Ok! It was only for about 15 minutes but when you are tired and hungry, 15 minutes can seem like an eternity.

While I was waiting for traffic to move, I began to think how if I had just followed the GPS, I would have been home. How often do we let familiarity effect the decisions and paths we take in life? If we just listen to GPS (God, your higher power, ancestors, spirits) we could get to where we are trying to be and achieve our goals much faster and easier. How often has familiarity led to failure or frustration?

Sometimes, we just have to step out on faith and allow your personal GPS to guide you on an unknown path to get to your destination. What is the point of having GPS (whatever that is to you) if you aren't going to trust it enough to use it? Head down that unknown path of a new job, a new city, a love interest, or starting school. It could lead you to one of the happiest, most peaceful, loving, and prosperous places you have ever been!


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