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A Popular Disliking

When Beyonce released Renaissance, the world was buzzing! The moment it was released, fans across the world took to social media to share their thoughts. What surprised me was that many of them , including some diehard fans, didn't like it. Over and over again, people said that it just didn't sound like her or the songs were very different from what the entertainer normally releases.

A couple of weeks went by and those same dislikers of the album suddenly became fans of it. It almost seemed as if once one set of people expressed their new interest in the record, another set of people began to like it. Then another. And another. And now, you can't go on sites such as Tiktok without hearing one or more of the songs on the album.

It made me wonder; why is disliking things and people is so popular? It's one thing to truly not like something or not have a taste for a person or thing, but why dislike it just because it's the popular thing to do?

What happened to having your own opinion? When did we stop making our own judgments and start depending on the feelings and thoughts of others? Disliking shouldn't be popular. Having your own opinion and being and doing YOU, should!


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