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A Selective Outcry

Ma’Khia Bryant was a teenage girl who was recently shot and killed by an Ohio police officer, who was responding to a called in altercation. As seen on the officer’s body cam, Ma’Khia was mid swing in what appears to be an attempt to stab another woman. Now let me say this before I go any further...I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE KILLING OF MA’KHIA! I have my thoughts on other ways it could have possibly been handled. But I am no officer nor have I been trained to handle such situations. But this post isn’t about how the situation was handled. This post is about the outcry. It has been reported that Ma’Khia was being jumped by two or more women. Several witnesses have attested to this. So my question is, why didn’t those who witnessed the fight or attacking do anything to stop it? What were they doing? Were they standing around recording it? Were they instigating it? Did they attempt to get help? When are we going to start helping and defending our own people and our own neighborhoods? When are we going to start policing ourselves so that our calls to police can be limited? Can our grown men take our young boys under their wings and guide them in the right direction? Can they protect us black women? Can our grown women guide and leas our young girls? Can we show them how to act, think, and dress like a lady? Can we show them the reason and the way to respect themselves? We need to step in and step up! Yes, there is a time to record but there’s also a time to react! I know, it’s easier said than done. I get it. But have to at least try! What happened to Neighborhood Watched? Oh I forgot, that’s considered snitching. Or what about it takes a village to raise a child? Oh, that’s can’t tell my child what to do!

My people! Come on! We MUST get it together! It’s a matter of life or death! If those bystanders had put their phones down and broken up that fight, maybe, just maybe, Ma’Khia would be alive today.

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