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A Wilderness Experience

Oh what a time to be alive! Family is all in good health and everyone is getting along. Friends are all around you showing love. Promotions are being handed out at the job, and yes, one has your name on it. Your bank account has a few extra dollars in it. The children and spouse are acting like they have sense and not to mention, the scale shows you’ve dropped 15 pounds! Life is good, right?

But what about those days that are just the opposite. You have more bills than you have money. Every time you turn around, someone is sick or in trouble. Your household is going haywire. And those friends that were your support system seem like strangers.

I call this a “Wilderness Experience“. A time where you seem alone with no one to turn to and feel like there isn’t anyone that will understand your plight. Wilderness experiences are not always fun but they should always be used as teaching moments. It’s times like these that teach us just how strong we are. Going through not so great times should teach us how to really appreciate the good times.

I used to absolutely hate being alone. You would never carch me at a restaurant or a movie theater alone. I didn’t even like to shop alone. But now, I’m used to it. And it’s actually good for the soul. Being alone with your thoughts make you see things and situations clearer. You learn just who YOU are! Being one with yourself can show what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you are capable of when there isn’t anyone to get something done but YOU, and how you allow yourself to simp feel without being judged. It’s good for you. Those problems in the wilderness that were mentioned above can all be worked out and thought out when you are alone. You tend to meditate and pray more. Having a wilderness experience can actually be quite rewarding if you remain focused.

Before you experience the valley, I encourage each of you to get by yourself for a while. Try not to force ANYTHING! Whether it be family ties, friendships, love, work issues, etc. Don’t force it! Get alone and let what’s meant to be in your life gravitate towards you! Breathe in the positive and exhale the negative. Try it! I guarantee if and when you have an unexpected trip to the wilderness, your inner GPS will direct you right back to your mountaintop!

And remember, whether you’re in the valley low or a mountain high, to always...beYOUtiful!


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