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Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

TLC, one of the most popular R&B/Hip Hop groups ever, penned the song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. Released in 1992, some of us weren’t old enough to be singing it word for word because of its sexual nature. Listening to it at the age of 41 has a different perspective.

Take a quick look at one of the verses:

When I need 2 feel love

Why wait 4 so long

Cause I ain't 2 proud 2 beg

4 something that I call my own

And I want 2 be touched

And feeling so much see cause

Everybody needs some good lovin'

Now, of course, the ladies are asking for a little more than love. They want SEX! And they want it enough to where they are at the point of begging. As a woman, it takes a lot to literally beg for sex. You have to push pride and ego to the side and hold your breath. And let’s not even get into asking and getting rejected! That’s a whole different post!

Aside from sex, what have you found yourself begging for? Do you have to beg for time, attention, affection, love? Or have you even had to beg for a job, a promotion, or just to have your voice heard? Did begging help or hurt?

What brings a person to the point of begging? What person or thing has you longing for him/her/it that you are willing to beg? Is it worth it? Were you satisfied or disappointed? I have begged and have gotten what I wanted. To be honest, getting what I wanted felt good (for the moment) but when I realized what it took to get it, the happiness faded away. I have begged. I have been rejected. Getting rejected is one of the worst feelings in the world (especially when you have to act unbothered)! Both have taught me a lesson. Like TLC, I too, ain’t too proud to beg, but no longer will I do it. If it doesn’t come naturally or willfully, I’ll let it pass me by (as painful and disappointing it may be). What is for me shall be for me! And that’s on what...MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB!


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