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Airport Money Guzzlers

Ready to travel?

Me toooo!

Here are 5 of some of the costly money makers you will see at airports. Try to prepare and adjust accordingly.

✈️ Bottled Water….

Bring an empty thermos or bottle and fill it up at a water station.

✈️ WIFI…

Do you really need it for a couple of hours? Check with your service provider. Some offer discounts on travel.

✈️ Electronic Purchases…

Try your best to remember to bring ear phones, air pods, chargers, etc from home. Airport purchases are costly!

✈️ Foreign Currency…

Check to see if the exchange is really needed. Try using a local ATM instead upon arrival.

✈️ Food…

I know! I know! We have to eat, right? But try eating before you go or take some snacks with you (for shorter trips).

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