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At the Expense of Others

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Have you ever been in a position where you have almost everything you want but you catch yourself wanting more? Live in a very nice home but catch yourself daydreaming about a bigger one? Drive a nice car but constantly picture yourself driving a fancier one? Or do you have the job that you once prayed for but now struggle to go from day to day? What causes this?

Often times, we want more than what we have because of status. Now, I'm not saying all of the time but a lot of the time, we want fancier things because of the attention it brings. We picture the oooo's and ahhh's we would get pulling up in a $100,000 car. We imagine the compliments we would get when friends and family visit us in our huge mansions vs a one bedroom apartment. When realistically, the 2017 car that you are driving now is just fine. It gets you from point A to point B, it's good on gas, and you don't have any car payments. That one bedroom apartment is saving you thousands of dollars in rent each month because you are not paying an expensive mortgage or home owners insurance or paying random fees and having to cover charges for appliance failures.

What debts are you holding at the expense of others? Are you truly living for you or are you living for an appearance to people who probably aren't paying you any attention anyway? It's ok to drive an older model car. As long as you are getting safely to your destination, it doesn't have to break the bank. It's ok to live in a loft. As long as you have somewhere to lay your head and eat your food, you don't need a six bedroom mansion. It's ok to love the quirky girl or the scrawny guy that you would normally never picture yourself with. As long as he or she loves you for who you are, despite of your insecurities and flaws, love them like you've never loved before.

Stop living at the expense of others and start living in a manner that is the most beneficial to you. Other's opinions are a dime a dozen. Don't get caught up in them. Live your best life. Do what is going to make you happy RIGHT NOW and for your future self. Remember, the only costly thing that will never lose its value is spend it wisely!

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