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Be A Champion!

The brand Champion has been around for many years. From sneakers, to sweat pants, to hoodies, they have a variety of options for consumers to choose from. When I was younger, Champion was the brand of choice! But as I grew older, more popular brands started to hit the scene and people gravitated away from Champion. Stores like Payless and Walmart started carrying it which really made consumers stop wearing the brand. It was then considered cheap and played out. But Champion never seemed to completely fade away. It remained steadfast.

I forget who it was but there was an A-list celebrity that was spotted wearing Champion earlier this year. Then another was spotted. Then another. And before you knew it, Champion went from being sold in Payless for $20 to being in Nordstrom for $200! All it took was for one person with influence to boost the brand! It reminds me of how people can be up one minute and down the next. (Which is why we should be very cautious of how we treat people) Life can be great on a Friday and falling apart on a Monday. You can receive 1000 no’s but all it takes is one influential YES! As long as you remain steadfast in your beliefs, positive and persistent in your prayers, and not belittling yourself to fit in, that yes will be right on time. People you might not even think are paying you any attention can be the ones to boost you into greatness! No matter what life throws at you, don’t let it change you! Be steadfast! Be great! Be a champion! And beYOUtiful!!!


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