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Before I Let Go

There is a very popular song titled ”Before I Let Go” that was originally written and performed by Frankie Beverly and Maze. The song has been a song starter for multiple generations. I remember hearing it at house parties thrown by my parents. My friends and I would run to the dance floor to do the electric slide when it came on in the club. And even now, my son and his friends are familiar with the song. There’s a somewhat well known artist (maybe you’ve heard of her) by the name of Beyonce. She’s something like a big deal! She recently, with permission, remade the popular song. She kept the basics that was created by FB&M but like any other artist, she put her own spin on it. And just like the original, it gets a party started. But what it has also started is a huge debate over which version is better. Of course, the old school folks will argue that it should have never been redone. Most of the younger folks absolutely love Beyonce’s version. Nothing like a healthy debate amongst generations. But here is the main thing I noticed; most of the people that don’t like the newer version of “Before I Let Go”, don’t like it simply’s Beyoncé. That really blows my mind because even though Frankie Beverly has praised Queen Bey’s version, the haters are still ripping it apart.

I said to myself, “Danielle, this should tell you something!” Sometimes, people will not praise, promote, or support you...simply because of who you are! You could be the most talented, the smartest, the best built, the most creative, etc., but because of how they have criticized you in private, they simply can’t clap for you in public. GO HEAD GIRL...THAT WAS DEEP! Lack of support often times has nothing to do with the dislike of what you are offering. It’s more so the lack of confidence in oneself to step out on faith and be his/her own goal getter. Now how or why this song (that I have heard millions of times) spoke to me differently today, I don’t know. But what I DO KNOW, is that before I let go (of my dreams, goals, hopes, and aspirations) I’m going to remember why I started. Before I let go, I’m going to focus on the prize. Before I let go, I’m going to ignore naysayers and negativity. And before YOU let go, I pray you do the same!


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