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Blinded by Privilege

I was at work the other day checking people in. To my surprise, after about the 5th person, my line was empty! I was pleasantly shocked. But I noticed, the A-list line was packed. (A-list are travelers that have been awarded certain perks due to the amount of flights they’ve flown). I started to wonder why would they continue to wait in such a long line when they could simply walk a couple of feet over, let myself or my coworker check them in, and be on their way. Privilege. Because of their A-list status, they had the privilege of waiting in a certain line, that would normally, get them checked in faster. But did this privilege blind them and cause them to wait much longer than they needed to?

Having privilege in life, with certain things can be great! You often get perks and advantages that other people do not. Who wouldn’t want to skip long lines, get extra points, be granted certain awards, etc. etc. But how do you use your privilege? Do you help others along the way? Do you mistreat others that don’t have those same privileges? Are you so focused on the privilege that you forget the purpose?

Privilege can be powerful. But don’t let it blind you!


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