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Can You Hear Me Now?

It’s happened to all of us…enjoying a phone call and suddenly the signal goes out. We know the person is still on the line but something has interrupted the connection, causing us to not be able to hear them. And the first thing we do is look at the phone (why, I don’t know), give it a second, and ask “Can you hear me now?” Very seldom when we lose signal do we immediately hang up. We give it a chance to clear up so we can continue with the conversation. This caused me to think about the people in our lives. And not just people but even some of our goals. How often has something interrupted a friendship/relationship or goal? What did you do? Did you immediately give up (hang up) or did you look at it (face it) and give it a chance to clear up? That moment of waiting for the signal to clear is similar to grace and grace is what we need to give one another and more importantly, ourselves. Life, love, friendships, hopes, and dreams can get like those pesky phone signals. Sometimes it’s great with no interruptions. Everything is clear. But every now and then, there will be some interference. But don’t let that negative interference completely stop a great thing! Learn the patterns of when and where you are when interruptions occur. And most importantly, learn when the silence lasts longer than normal. Keep your line open and don’t be so quick to hang up (give up) and the first sign of a bad signal. Stay the course and make sure your family, friends, goals, and dreams…can hear you now!


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