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CANCUN 2021...Beach, Booze, and a Runaway Bus

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

At 42 years old, I took my very first international trip to the beautiful Cancun, Mexico! It was gorgeous!!! I was left in awe by the amazing beach views, the stunning sunsets, and the fabulous food! Everyone was so pleasant and friendly. From the moment we landed, to our ride service, to the waiting staff at each restaurant we dined in.

For the most part, my friend and I stayed on the resort. We thoroughly enjoyed the several beachfront pools that surrounded the Westin Resort and Spa. Just a few steps out of the pool and you were in the colorful ocean. As we relaxed on the comfy beach chairs, the wonderful attendees made sure out drinks were plentiful!

We decided to venture off and take a bus to downtown. We had been given instructions on where to get off and what landmarks to look for. Welp, we missed it! So, I proceeded to ring the bell to alert the driver to let us off. THE BELL DIDN’T WORK! And the driver did not speak English nor would he look our way! When we were finally able to get off of the bus, we were MILES away from where we wanted to be and even further away from our resort! The walking commenced! But the weather was nice and we saw some beautiful sites! Talk about an adventure! A fun adventure nonetheless!!!

Cancun 2021 was a huge success! I’m so grateful to have been able to experience this amazing adventure (even if it was later in life). I owe a huge thank you to all of those who pushed me to go and sent me well wishes! I owe thanks to those who looked out for me with my flights. And last but not least, an enormous thank you to my friend that took this adventure with me and made it amazing!


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