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Casper, The Not So Friendly Ghost

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Casper was a cute, adorable, funny, and lovable character. Even if you are afraid of ghosts, Casper’s quirkiness and personality made you love him. It was almost as if he was casting a magic spell on everyone around him. I mean, how could you not like Casper? He was a FRIENDLY ghost…but a ghost nonetheless. And at the end of every scene and episode, he did what ghosts do…disappear!

Have you ever had a Casper in your life? A nice, fun, loving person who made you feel amazing about yourself and life; who made it easy to let your guard down and be yourself; someone who made life just a little bit better. You smiled every time you thought about your Casper, heard your Casper’s voice, or saw your Casper’s face. You had your own perfect version of Casper, the friendly ghost…until Casper became not so friendly and ghosted you!

Now I am a firm believer in protecting your mental health at all costs and if cutting off people helps that, do it. But there’s a way to do it and ghosting someone just ain’t it! If someone has been nothing but good to you and you ghost them, that pain is more than mental. It is also a pain that can be felt physically. For some, it is the same as experiencing the death of a loved one. Ghosting is a cruel rejection that takes most people a lot of time to recover from. If someone has never caused you this type of pain, why bring it on to someone else?

Now again, sometimes space is needed, mental health needs to be nurtured, and time needs to be taken but there’s a way to do it. Be mature enough to say what’s going on, even if you only say it once, but communicate it to the person. Regardless of the reason, just tell them! Stop playing with people’s feelings and emotions, especially people that have had nothing but pure intentions towards and for you.

Karma is real and her bite isn’t soft!


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