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Celebrating PhD’s AND Smaller Degrees

I had the pleasure of witnessing my cousin, Dr. Maurice Ferrell, graduate over the weekend. Watching him obtain his PhD, and graduating top of his class, was such an emotional and encouraging moment for me. It was a reminder that with and through Christ, all things are possible! It was a reminder that regardless of age, you can achieve and be anything your heart desires. Dr. Ferrell’s graduation brought the family together. Even though some of us were not there physically, we were able to speak with each other on the phone and through FaceTime. (That in itself was amazing because between school, work, and just life, we don’t get to communicate as often as we should.) But it also led me to think about family and personal celebrations and I was left with a question/ thought that has stuck with me the past couple

of days. Why does it take major wins to celebrate? Think about it. If there is a wedding, we celebrate. If there is a graduation, we celebrate. If a new home has been purchased, we celebrate. But what about celebrating being on the same job for one year (hell, for six months)? Why don’t we celebrate someone who gets a GED the way we celebrate the one that got the Masters? Have you celebrated the friend who launched his/her own business (or blog)? Have you celebrated or even congratulated the single parent who has been an amazing mother/father? How do we not celebrate these smaller degrees of success and achievements? Why do we always wait for the larger accomplishments? Can we start recognizing, rewarding, and celebrating the “little things”? Just imagine how good it would make someone feel just to know that there is someone out there who notices all of the good they are doing. Think of how you would feel being recognized every now and then; whether it’s work related, personal, by a family, friend, or stranger. Let’s start celebrating the “smaller degrees” as well as the PhD’s. Remember the small accomplishments. Remember the hard work and effort in EVERY achievement. And remember, always, beYOUtiful!


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