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Clock restoration-restaurant & bar

My son, his girlfriend, and I went to have dinner at Clock Restoration in Baltimore. We had never been and was looking for something different, so we decided to give it a shot. It's advertised as a speakeasy inspired restaurant which sparked my interest. Y'all know I love a cute speakeasy.

You are given clues on the number that is needed to enter. We easily figured out the entry code before arriving. But when we got there, the code is listed on the elevator. That took some of the fun out of it. Our server Macy, (was super sweet) greeted us and began to assist us with our order.

Here's what we got and how we rated it:

Chicken Sandwich (with added fried egg and cheese) 10/10

Steak 6/10

Honey Old Bay Wings 8/10

Brussel sprouts 2/10 (burned to a crisp)

Mashed Potatoes 8/10

French Fries 6/10

Fried Pickles 1/10 (sliced so thin that there was no taste of pickle whatsoever)

Crabcake 7/10

Cocktails 6/10

Unfortunately, our experience ended on a sour note. Immediately after leaving, my son's girlfriend started experiencing stomach pains, which led her to a very long and uncomfortable night. But to make matters worse, my son had to be taken to Prompt Med and was diagnosed with food poisoning. He is actually still in the process of recovering. I have never seen my strong and healthy 24-year-old son so sick and weak.

We were on the fence about the possibility of returning but after the night we had that ended in needing medical attention, I can't say that I will return.


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