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Collaboration vs Competition

From makeup to clothing to hair to shoes to food to lashes... entrepreneurship is growing. More and more people have grown tired of the standard 9-5, dealing with poor management, and pitiful pay and have decided to create businesses of their own. While some have decided to quit their jobs all together, some are using their current job to fund what they are aspiring to truly do.

Being that there are many fields one can choose to pursue, the chance of being the only one doing that one thing is very slim. No matter what it is that you are working towards, someone has done it first. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be a great advantage if you utilize your resources correctly. So why aren’t we?

We have become such a competitive society that we have almost forgotten that sometimes, there’s power in numbers. For example, I love makeup! I love everything about it; the look, how it makes you feel, purchasing it, applying it. Now while I am pretty decent at doing other people’s makeup, I know there are people that do it way better than me. Now here’s where I utilize my resources. Instead of placing myself in direct competition with other makeup artists, I position myself to learn from them. I ask questions that are going to help me better my craft. When the opportunity arrives, I collaborate with them to get more experience, pick up tips and tricks that I wasn’t aware of, and to get my name known to more people. I don’t automatically “compete” against people in the same field because I’m a firm believer that with hard work, your craft and energy will speak for itself.

I understand that everyone will not get that concept but I feel it’s a concept that people should at least consider. You can potentially miss out on so many opportunities with always having a competitive mind. Why make $500 on your own project when you could make $2500 on a collaborative project? Utilize your resources. Think wisely. The more you know, the more you grow!


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