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Copy of I Don't Want To Fight No More

Have you ever seen a fight between two people that were equally strong and equally skilled? Each punch thrown gets returned with an even harder punch. Both people are throwing blows that could knock the opponent out at any time. It was just too hard to tell who would win.

That's exactly how it feels when there's a battle between the heart and the mind.

If you have never experienced a battle between your heart and your mind consider yourself lucky because it is not one for the weak. One day, you know for sure your mind is going to win with a TKO but out of nowhere, your heart gets superhuman strength and makes you rethink your entire life. And even though you are the owner of both entities, you have no control over this match. And what's worse is the moment you begin to root and cheer on the heart, your mind starts to win the match. Applaud for the mind, and your heart will surely take over.

So what do you do? Just let the match play out, right? But that is so much easier said than done. If you think you get anxious watching your favorite football team play, try watching, feeling, and experiencing a heart vs mind battle. This match causes all kinds of anxiety, fear, and uneasiness. It will make your body throw in the towel and declare "I don't want to fight no more!"

I pray for anyone having to referee this battle because it is a tough one to keep up with. It's physically and mentally draining. And the sad part is, no matter how much you try to control the fight, at the end of the day, it is out of your hands, Declaring a winner too soon can be very costly but also waiting too long can be disastrous. If you are the unfortunate one experiencing this, all I can say is buckle up and hold on tight because it is surely going to be a bumpy ride!


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