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Copy of They That Wait...On Chick-fil-a

The beloved Chick-fil-a.

I can taste those nuggets, waffle fries, lemonade, and milkshake as I write this. Don't judge me! Yes, I sometimes have both the drink and lemonade on one order! I, along with thousands of other people, will take Chick-fil-a over any other fast food chain any day of the week. But did you know that CFA has the longest drive-thru wait times out of any other drive thru chain? Yep! It's true. But guess what, we still wait! And here's why...

I am the first to admit I am super impatient. But when it comes to something I truly want, I can almost wait for forever (ALMOST)! And to add to the fact that the customer service is top notch, it makes the waiting time seem almost non-existent. It is the experience that makes the wait worth it.

What are you experiencing right now that is making it worth the wait? How long will you wait on something that you truly need and/or want? What makes it worth it? On the flip side, what makes you give up the wait? What will make you say forget it, leave the drive thru line, and go to Burger King?

They that wait...whether it's on the Lord, a mate, a job, or food in a drive thru sure you know what you are waiting for. Before deciding to wait, ask yourself is the wait worth it. Ask yourself is waiting going to cause you to miss out on something better. Ask yourself what can you do while waiting. If it's worth it to you, do you! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Do you! Just make sure your wait is worth it!


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