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Crabs In A Barrel

Have you ever seen crabs in a barrel or a boiling hot pot of water? They are doing anything they can to get out; clawing and climbing on top of one another to get out of the closed and potential deadly environment. Even though, with the amount of legs and claws each one has, instead of using what they are equipped with to help one another out, they fight each other to the top.

Humans! I could really end this post right there and a point would be made. But just for those that nees a tad bit more clarity, let me explain. Humans are just like crabs in a barrel. Most of us, if paying close attention, already have everything we need to be successful AND SOME EXTRA to help others along the way. But we don’t. Why? What is the harm is schooling someone to get to the top? What stops you from sharing your knowledge on a topic that you KNOW will be useful to someone else? You don’t know? Well let me tell you!

People are so afraid that someone else will be better than them, more successful than them, have more money and fame than them, and be like more than them, that they refuse to teach others how to be great! But what they seem to quickly forget is that they at one time, needed help too! Ooops! I guess they forgot.

There is a female rapper that goes by the name Meg the Stallion. Can’t say I listen to her music but she seems to be very talented. I do know she had a “Hot Girl Summer” and knees that are sturdier than a brick house. I also know she‘s been working with one of the beat makeup artists out today, Akil McCoy (@akilaface). Both Akil and Megan have on their social media pages pictures of different times and events for which he’s done her makeup. Most recently, Vogue shadowed her to do a “Day In the Life of Meg the Stallion” feature. Vogue! One of the biggest fashion magazines and companies to date! When asked about her makeup, not one time did she mention her young, up and coming mua Akil. The reporter asked Meg how she got into makeup. And she gave, I guess what was an honest answer, a story about her grandmother giving her eyeshadows when she was younger. Ok I get it. But you have VOGUE interviewing you and asks about your makeup and at not one time did you think to mention the very person that beats your face flawlessly on numerous occasions? Did it not come across your mind to mention the person that did your makeup for this same interview, who was sitting near by? This could have been a game changer for him! Meg is at a point in her career where just a mention of one’s name might make or break them. One mention was all he needed. But this is what took my breath away, y’all! This is why one of those crabs in the barrel now dawns the name Meg the Stallion. When he (Akil) called her out on it, she still took the credit for her makeup! Like, are you kidding me!!!

Listen, I, as you can see, have a very small platform with my blog. But even with it’s few members, I try to promote small businesses. Even, if those same businesses don’t promote me. I’m going to do what I can to help someone else. I know how helping someone, in any way possible, can become a full circle moment for me. I believe in each one teach one. I believe in give and it shall be given unto you. When will we as a people, get rid of this crab in a barrel mentality? When will we realize there is an opportunity for all of us to be great? How will you use your resources? Will you save them for yourself and let them sit and go stale? Or will you share your resources and watch them blossom and grow? Think about it!


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