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Crabs In A Barrel

I'm one of those people that don't speak much on anything but I notice EVERYTHING!

Let's just get to the point....

I have been recently noticing that people will say the most negative things about the actions of others solely because it doesn't coincide with their own actions. What do you mean, Danielle? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here's what I mean...

I just recently made the most delicious air fried chicken wings. They were flavorful and crispy. And, I didn't have the smell of fried chicken lurking in my home for days. Then here comes Negative Nancy talking about "you know that's not REAL fried chicken" and "it's nothing like hot grease". Negative Nancy continued to say "You won't catch me frying no chicken in an air fryer!" Well ladida for you boo! I often here people speaking negatively of others about some of the most asinine things: the clothes they wear, the people they date, the frips they take. And why? Because you are doing something different? And what kills me is when these Debbie Downers have the audacity to pull people into their negative and dismissive thoughts to feel validated. It's like crabs in a barrel.

Let people live! If someone wants to spend their money on fine dining every week, let them! Enjoy your McDonald's. If someone wants to go to Miami five times a year, let them! Enjoy your hometown. If someone wants to purchase/trade brand new cars twice a year, let them! Enjoy having to constantly put air in the tires of your hoopty!

As long as it's not affecting your home, coin, or well being, mind your business and leave people alone. Cause what other people eat, won't make you...well, you know the rest!

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