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Cracked Shoulders

****DISCLAIMER: This post is basely solely off of the clip shown. As of now, I have no knowledge of a backstory****

A video recently went viral of a hotel employee seemingly having a mental breakdown of some sorts due to an issue being had with a customer. As stated in the above disclaimer, I don’t know what caused the altercation but clearly there was an issue. Having worked in customer service, I completely understand the frustration that is caused by irate customers, equipment that does not properly work, and management that simply doesn’t care. And now in a world of viral videos, there is an extra pressure to perfectly perform because there is always someone watching.

As this video continues to spread, people laugh and make fun of the attendant for having such a violent outburst. But I don’t see humor. I see a set of shoulders that have been cracked by the world and its boulder size burdens. I see an incident that could have ended in death. I see a man who is need of mental help. And in my opinion, there is no humor in people who need mental health attention.

I say this all of the time; Be Kind! You don’t know what people are going through. Many have more bills than money. People offer more opinions than asked for. Attitudes and audacities are at an all time high. Stress levels are astronomical! Be kind! Nobody wants to be berated over the little things. Nobody needs your unsolicited opinions and suggestions. Of course, you don’t want to purposely let loved ones harm themselves in any kind of way, but just let people be! Every smile doesn’t indicate happiness. Every laugh doesn’t indicate joy. They could be hiding hurt, pain, despair, and more. Before you jump down someone’s throat, curse someone out, or make fun of someone, take a moment to step back and think about it. Think about what they may be going through. Think about what YOU are going through. Extend a little grace and mercy. And just...BE KIND!


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