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Dang, God, Do You Ever Say Yes?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Do you remember being told you are old enough for your wants not to hurt you? At what age does that start cause baby, let me tell you, at 42, it still hurts! Now I believe in the power of prayer and fasting and manifesting. I was raised in church and even my two brothers are preachers. I believe that what is for you is for you. But at what point does it happen? Like, God, when are you going to say yes because these no’s are throwing body blows that I’m not equipped for! And I know, I know, everything I want isn’t always meant for me to have but geesh!

Am I the only one experiencing a season of NO? Like, one yes would bring me so much joy right now! How is someone expecting to keep going and keep pushing if everything is against them? Come on God! Give me something that I’ve been praying for! SOMETHING!!!

And no, this won’t end on a positive or uplifting note like I usually do. Sorry! Ain’t got it in me! Searching for my YES!


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