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This past Saturday, one of my good friends asked me to go with him to an Alien Exhibit in DC at the National Harbor. At first, I thought to myself, an alien exhibit??? But I quickly changed my mind and decided to go. Besides, I’ve been determined to try new things, go different places, and experience life more, so why not!

For starters, the ride from Baltimore to D.C. was absolutely hilarious! What should have been an easy peasy straight shot turned into a quick but beautiful sight seeing drive in Alexandria. I’m not sure what the area was called but it was truly one to be admired. I could definitely picture myself living there. My wallet, on the other hand, could not. LOL

So, we make our way to the National Harbor where the exhibit was. It was set up at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center (one of my favorites, by the way). Turns out, it was more of a SciFi type convention. And let me tell you, I HAD A BLAST! From the Back to the Future cars, to The Ghostbusters, and even the set of Starship Enterprise from Star Trek...everything was super fun! I even let someone run thousands of bolts of electricity which made the hair on my body stand at attention.

Afterwards, we went to one of my favorite wing spots, Public House. I hadn’t been to one since my last trip to Vegas, so I was super hype! The food was so delicious. Now y’all know me, all I got was wings and fries, but that’s what I had my mouth set for! The bartender was very nice and had a great sense of humor! And my friend and I laughed at some of the most ignorant things. Not to mention, we had our own personal karaoke using straws while we sat at the bar. In my best Ice Cube voice, “today was a good day”!

Sometimes, you have to dare to be different! Do something out of the norm. Experience life around you. Step outside of the box and live as if the box never existed and remember, BeYOUtiful!


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