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Dee “Cupsey” Bell The Boss Baker

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Andeidra G Bell was born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore.  From an early age she always had a passion for cooking.  It came for her endless hours in the kitchen with her grandmother and mother preparing Sunday dinner.  In 2005 withno formal training she decided to take her love and passion for culinary arts and open a catering company. That is how Tre’Chaz Catering Co was formed.  Tre ‘Chaz is your down home cooking specializing in southern cuisine. Her philosophy was that she wanted to bring back the days of family dinners.  Her slogan “Treating you like family” and the concept was to bring back the days of family sit down dinners.  The business was doing well but times took a turn for the worst. While pursuing her passion recession hit and caused her to put her dreams of having a large catering facility on hold. She still did small functions but not on the scale she once did.   In 2007, shethen decided to pursue a career in the medical field as a billing and coding specialist.  After 5 years of doing that the passion for cooking still lingered in her mind.  After a divorce in 2011 she decided that she needed an outlet to regroup and that when she decided to bake cupcakes for family, friends and small functions.  The rave reviews and constant request for her cupcakes gave her an idea.  This is how Cupsey Cakesy By Dee was created.  Cupsey Cakesy was a hobby turned business in a blink of an eye.  Cupsey Cakesy is not your typical cupcakery they have a twist, they can turn any of your favorite “Cocktails” into a cupcake.  While she was building her business she decided she wanted formal training, she has her degree in Advanced Culinary Arts and she is currently pursuing her degree in Pastry Arts. She is due to graduate in June 2015.  Andeidra has more than 8 years of experience with catering,hospitality and baking.  


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