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Delayed in comfortability

I was recently on the highway, and I had my GPS on because even though I have taken this route a couple of times, I am still not very sure of all of the exits that I need to take. As I am traveling along the way, the GPS states that there is a different route that will get me to my destination 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. Now, most people would take the quicker route, but I did not. Even though I was anxious to get to my destination, I chouse not to take the quicker route for the simple fact that I wasn't familiar with the way it was taking me. And guess what; Not only was I delayed at getting to my destination, I ended up being stuck in traffic for an addition 30 minutes! All because i was more comfortable with the route that I had taken before. Even as I type this, it makes me feel some type of way because why was I so scared to go a different way? I literally had step by step directions not only being read to me but also being displayed right in front of my face.

How many times have we gotten not only stuck, but delayed in comfortability? What is the reason, especially when we have the greatest GPS (God) guided our path? Sometimes, life will take you in a different direction and it is absolutely ok to follow it. Don't let familiarity, comfortability, and complacency keep you from getting to where God is trying to place you. Listen and follow God's Provisioning Service. It will surely guide you to your destination!

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