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Don’t Force What Doesn’t Fit

Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans that you’ve outgrown? You know they don’t fit anymore but you just refuse to throw them away. In an attempt to wear them one more time, you tag and pull and get them up your thunder thighs, then squeeze and shake to get them across your hips and you say to yourself, “Ok! I think I just might be able to wear these!“ And then it happens...your disrespectful fupa says “SIKE! Not today!” After all of that jumping, squeezing, stuffing, and sweating to force them on, the stress of the button and zipper takes its toll and BOOM! Now your favorite jeans not only no longer fit, but now they are buttonless and ripped!

Those jeans kind of remind me of friendships and relationships. Since I’ve moved to Maryland, I’ve met some pretty dope people! I have been blessed to be around some very genuine spirits. But on the flip side, I’ve also noticed there are a lot of cliques. I used to wonder how come I was very inviting and welcoming when it came to certain things but didn’t really get that in return. I noticed how people that I thought were friends, people I would laugh and joke with everyday, share stories with about life, would go out to dinner, have events, travel, etc., and would never invite me. I’d see people taking cute group selfies that never included me. Inside jokes were being told that I wasn’t privy to. Heck, maybe the jokes were about me. I wondered why these same people that I shared most (if not all) of my day with, never thought enough of me to invite me to anything. To be completely transparent, my feelings were hurt and I felt left out. And one day it hit me like a ton of bricks! I don’t fit in! Nothing more. Nothing less. I simply don’t fit in. Now, it took me a minute to actually accept that. I questioned God as to why would He have me around people for so long if I wasn’t going to be a “good fit”. Slowly but surely I learned, it was so that I could figure out just who I was. Me. Without any outside influences. Just. Me!

I wasn’t supposed to fit with in certain situations and with certain people. And my feelings were getting hurt because I was trying to force it. What fits won’t hurt. Whew! Let me say that again. WHAT FITS WON’T HURT!

Baby girl, you are born to stand out! When friendships, relationships, jobs, and any situation for that matter, seems uncomfortable or may seem like you don’t fit...DO NOT FORCE IT! Be that one puzzle piece that people just can’t seem to figure out. That one piece that has people scratching their heads trying to figure you out! Don’t force it baby! Stand out! And remember, beYOUtiful!


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