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Drink Your Water (and mind your business)

Oh the benefits of water!

I remember as a child, I used to absolutely hate water! My mom would try to make me drink at least a glass a day. It wasn't until my teen years, when that pesky adolescence hit ang acne made my face look like the cratered moon. I tried every product under the sun but nothing seemed to work. My mom, with her infinite wisdom< one day said, "If you would drink water like I've been telling you to do your face would clear up!" So, I began forcing myself to drink water. The more I drank the better the taste was. I got to a point that water was the only beverage of choice. Now, it didn't take my acne completely away but boy could I tell a difference in my skin.

As an adult, I truly appreciate the benefits of drinking water. Very rarely do I drink anything else. It is recommended that men drink about 15.5 cups daily and women should drink about 11.5 cups daily. Some of the benefits of drinking the recommended amount are: gets rid of waste through urination, lubricates joints, promotes great skin health and weight loss, helps with hydration, and heart health.

And one extra benefit to drinking pleanty of water is, you will be too busy peeing to be in someone else's business! So, in conclusion, drinking lots of water can promote good health and save your teeth! LOL

Now remember, drink your water and BeYOUtiful!!!


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