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ExSQUEEZE Me? The Dreaded Mammogram..

As a woman, our body goes through so many things. We have to deal with the monthly crimson river that violently flow from our bodies, causing us debilitating pain. After some time, that river will dry up, ONLY to bring on the metamorphism of menopause. Hello hair loss! Oh, come right on in Mr. Hot Flash! Welcome mood swings! Well hey there, tears for no reason! My face and pillow have missed you so much! And did I mention we also have the small task of pushing human beings through our golden purses (aka our vaginas). You know, no big deal right! Some of us even have the honor of having a horizontal sacred line of love on our stomachs from those babies that don’t want to travel down south to visit the outside world. And on top of ALL of that, we were so blessed to be born with two balloon shaped balls of fun, sitting right on our chests. What an absolute joy! Whew! You don’t know a good time until you have shopped in 11 different stores, in five different cities, be fitted by three different people, all to only be able to find ONE flesh tone colored bra! YIPPEEEE!

But on a serious note, those balloons of fun are soft, pleasurable nutrient providers. Our breasts can be pillows for babies and turn ons for partners. Which is why we must get them checked regularly.

I remember ordering tacos and getting a text message from a good friend. Now, this friend is one of those women who always has something funny to say! She always had a smile on her face, even when we would be venting about life. You knew that if you were in her presence, laughter would be coming around the corner. So when I got the text alert, I was prepared to smile, giggle, or smirk...but the text brought just the opposite. The text was unreal and unsettling. It was a text to let me know she has breast cancer. My heart stopped and the tears started. I was hurt, sad, disappointed, and angry all at the same time. But prayer soon followed as it does to this day. Breast cancer is a cancer that forms the cells of the breasts. Symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple, and changes in the shape or texture of the nipple or breast. Roughly 11% of newer cases of breast cancer have been found in women under age 45, which is why it os important to do self exams as well as medical breast screenings and yearly mammograms. Self exams can be done daily/weekly in the shower while screenings/mammograms have to be scheduled by your doctor. Breast cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence. Women (and men) are beating, surviving, and thriving with and after cancer! With treatments, people are able to live normal lives despite having cancer. I am certain that a cure has been discovered and will be available for patients in the very near future! I encourage all of you to let this be the year of YOU! Know your body. Take care of yourself. Take time to make and keep yourself healthy. Gone are the days that we let fear keep us from doctor appointments. No more “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mindsets. You take your car for scheduled maintenance, don’t you? So do the same for your body. You only get one! I have faith that not only cancer but every other life threatening, painful, and debilitating disease will be a thing of the past. I pray that those that are currently suffering find peace, strength, and the courage to press on. I ask God daily to bless you, your families, your medical providers, your care takers, and anyone who comes in contact with you.Whether it’s breast cancer, ovarian cancer, utrrine, lung, liver, testicular cancer; lupus, fibromyalgia, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, WHATEVER IT IS...


Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not until thy own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”

Dedicated to my friend, Danielle Bartlett-Lamothe


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