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Facci…An Italian Restaurant

For starters, this place is absolutely beautiful! It immediately gives date night vibes

The staff is welcoming and friendly.

Our bar attendant was Michael. He was attentive and friendly and humorous!

Parking can be found in the 414 Lot. Validation is available for $5 for the first two hours.

Now here's what I know you came here for so let's get into it...


I highly recommend! We had margaritas, martinis, and other crafted cocktails which were all very good


The sliders were charred a little too much. They were slightly burned and dry. There wasn't much to them at all

The pasta was very lackluster. I like my noodles al dente but these were just down right hard. It didn't have much flavor or zest. Little sauce and not much cheese.

It was unfortunately, underwhelming.

I think this is a cute spot for a after dinner cocktail or preshow drink but I cannot see my ordering the food again.

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