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Focus On The Few

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday! Yaaaaay! I made it another year! If you know me, you know that I get super excited about not just my birthday, but everyone's birthday. I feel like birthdays should be treated as your own personal holiday. It's a time to celebrate life and simply enjoy yourself! And that is exactly what i have tried to do each and every year God has allowed me to flip life's cycle.

This year was slightly different. I didn't have anything planned. I did not go on some lavish vacation like i normally do. I didn't have a fancy dinner planned. I wasn't surrounded by family and friends. I must admit, it felt a little weird. But I still woke up grateful. I prayed and meditated and started my day. I was overwhelmed by the numerous phone calls, text messages, social media shout outs, and monetary gifts that were sent my way. I felt special. But I noticed myself focusing on a couple of people that didn't send me any well wishes or simply whisper happy birthday. I thought for sure that I would hear from certain people that I keep in my heart and on my mind...but I didn't. I began to get sad and even disappointed. At one point, I was even angry. I quickly gathered myself and asked God to forgive me for the ungratefulness that had found its way into my spirit.

"Focus on the few" is what I began to tell myself. I had t focus on those who took a moment to focus on me. In life, we must prioritize those that prioritize us. Let go of the things and people that have already let go of you. I promise you, it'll be replaced with something/someone greater. Focus and remain grateful for the positive things and people in your life. Stop allowing those that don't serve a purpose live in your head and heart rent free. KICK THEM OUT! Make room for greater!


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