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From Scratch

I know quite a few bakers, chefs, and people that can just down right cook! Each one has a different technique and various styles of preparing and creating their dishes. But there is one thing in common (the ones I know) all have; when a dish does not come out as expected, it’s scrapped and they start from scratch. And though sometimes having to throw away a creation can be disheartening, if it isn’t right, it’s necessary.

Lately, I’ve had to toss a few plans and goals and start from scratch. It’s been frustrating to say the least but it’s been necessary. At one point, I was even ashamed. But I began to think about tossing an entire cake in the trash once because I forgot an ingredient which made the cake, well, disgusting. But that second one…chef’s kiss! So why be ashamed when it happens in life?

If something isn’t going as planned or an ingredient has been missed, scrap it and start over! Keep baking (building and rebuilding) until your thoughts, plans, and ideas come out sweet and savory! Try, try, and try again until you can present to the world your BEST self!

Starting over is ok. Staying stuck is not!


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