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Get Our of Your Way (A Day in the Life of Dani)

Get your ish together girl!!! (Me talking to me)

Sometimes, when life isn’t headed in the right direction, we have to change paths, and that’s ok. In the midst of changing paths, take a look at what caused your diversion in the first place. You might be shocked to find, that YOU caused your own detour. There are so many things that I want in life, that I haven’t yet received because I’ve been in my own way. I’m determined that I will make a change for the better. Not just for myself but for those close to me. I will not let depression and anxiety defeat me. I will not live in a lack state of mind. There is only an abundance mentality from here on out. Follow me on my “Get Out of Your Way and Get Your Shit Together Girl” journey! Share with me tips and tricks to help me along my way! What keeps you on the right path? Let’s grow together!


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