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God Will Send a Sign

The thought of creating a blog has crossed my mind several times. I made a few attempts at it but never stuck with it. But this time was different. Creating DaniGirl Living was more like an outlet for me. It was a way for me to share my thoughts and feelings with the world in a somewhat creative environment. My hope has been that someone reads a post and gains at least a ray of hope, encouragement, and light.

When I first started, I got so much positive feedback. People that I didn’t think would even care to read would walk up to me and congratulate me on a job well done! I was honored! But I guess, with any new thing, the excitement wore off, and the applause and appreciation soon stopped. I kept posting, though deep down inside, I’ve been very discouraged. Do I keep going? Do I stop? Is anyone still reading? Ok, God, what do I do?

And just like that, God sent me a sign! Literally, within minutes of each other, I got two messages from people on completely different sides of the world saying how they are enjoying the blog and encouraging me to keep going! They were such welcoming messages! I needed it! I asked God and He delivered!

So my message to you is to keep going! If it’s something that God has placed on your heart and mind to do, do it! And do it wholeheartedly, whether people are applauding or not. Pray on it and pursue it. Keep going and always remember, to beYOUtiful!


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