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Grateful In An Empty Place

I was scrolling through social media the other day and I saw a post from @iam_samanthaann. I love her by the way! She shared a post about how she's been in her new place for some days now but her furniture still hasn't arrived. Her home is completely empty yet she is still extremely happy and grateful. And it led me to this thought: Can you truly be happy in YOUR empty place?

An empty place can be so much more than just a space with no belongings in it. It can be a season of financial troubles, health issues, no friends, no family, etc. How do remain grateful when everything around you seems so sparse?

Find something that keeps you grounded. Replay happy memories. Meditate. Pray. Remember the rough times that God has already brought you out of. Find a reason(s) to love on yourself. Take yourself out on dates. Take a walk. Move your body. Dance in the mirror.

A season of emptiness doesn't always mean failure or sadness. Use it as a moment of reflection. Let that reflection become gratitude. Turn that gratitude in happiness. And watch how your MOMENT of emptiness will lead to a FULL heart!

***Thanks Sam***

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