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Grateful With The Little

I had a weird dream last night. I was in a bakery in a busy city but I wasn't very familiar with the city. Nonetheless, the bakery was dope and the owner was a sweet black lady that seemed to know a lot about me. (When I woke up, I realized she is actually one of the custodians at work that I talk to everyday). While I was looking at the many treats she had on display, trying to figure out what I wanted, she asked me a question. "What would you do if I decided to bless you?" Me, being caught off guard, asked her what did she mean. She asked me again, "What would you do if I decided to bless you?" Still confused, I told her I would be very grateful. She then asked me how could I be grateful for something I didn't even know about. She then proceeded to hand me $0.11. I smiled and said "Thank you!". She said "Now, girl! What can you do with $0.11?" I said "Go and buy some penny candy to snack on at work." Astonished at my answer, she turned around and gave me $6. With the $6, I immediately knew what I was gong to do. I picked out a few extra pastries from her display case and added them to my order. She smiled and nodded her head at me, almost as a sign of not only appreciation, but approval.

When I woke up, I couldn't figure out what the dream meant. My first thought was those were some very precise numbers ($0.11 and $6). Then, I couldn't help but to think about the nod and smile the owner gave me at the end of the dream. Then it hit me; Because I was so grateful for the little, she turned around and gave me a lot. And when I was given the extra, I used it as a blessing back to her.

Sometimes, our blessings can't get released to us because we haven't shown we are grateful for the little things. We probably won't be blessed with a mansion if we constantly complain about our one bedroom apartment. We won't get blessed with a new car if we don't appreciate the hoopty we have now. And this is the one that made me say ouch....we won't get blessed with our dream job if we keep complaining about the one we have now. And even when those blessings do come, what do you do with them? Are you stingy and keep them to yourself? Do you brag about them? Or do you share them and try to spread and do good with them?

I learn more and more each day to appreciate the little things. Small gestures, kind words, and just people showing their appreciation and love mean so much to me. In a world full of hate and ugliness, I truly am grateful for the little so that when it comes, I can celebrate the BIG!

Have a SOULFUL SUNDAY everyone!!!


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