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Grieving A Love Lost

When we think about grief, a lot of us think about the death of a loved one. The passing of a family member or someone we love can be devastating. We’re left with memories and hopes and wishes to see them, smell them, and feel them just one more time.

But what about the loss (or even change) of a job. Or a the adjustment of a schedule. Can we grieve things like this? Absolutely! But how does one handle it? It’s expected to grieve death. People actually understand and feel for those grieving the deceased. But what about when you are grieving the loss of someone still living? What about grieving the loss of a job? What about grieving the absence of a certain routine? To some, the hurt is just the same. So what do you do and how do you get over it? Time is supposed to heal all, right? But what happens when that time doesn’t come around fast enough? How do you cope? What adjustments do you make? Share your thoughts. Help someone. Grief isn just for the physically dead. It’s for whatever changes that has caused love to be lost in some form or fashion. And the hurt…well, the hurt is just the same.


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