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Hidden Figures

Authentic. Consistent. Real.

Those three words hold so much weight when used to describe someone. Whether it’s a friendship, relationship, partnership, or work related; one would hope that the person(s) they are dealing with hold these important qualities about themselves. There was a time you could tell a man held these characteristics simply by his handshake; or a woman held them simply by the way she carried herself. There was no second guessing or fear of how the person acted while not in his/her presence. No flip flopping. Oh what a time to be alive; a time when you could trust people; a time when you could confide in people; a time when people’s yes meant yes and no meant no. What happened? What caused humans to be so untrustworthy? Why all of the lies, deceit, and backbiting? Unfortunately, we have to be very careful of what we say and do around everyone! That is one of the very reasons I pray for discernment. People will smile in your face, act like they want what’s best for you, and heck, even encourage you and cheer you on! Knowing the whole time, all of that support was hiding hate, malice, and deceit. And sometimes, it’s not even the person‘s own actions. Sometimes, there’s someone pulling puppet strings. Sometimes, there’s a hidden figure that is using pawns to deceive you; to keep you from achieving greatness. And do not be deceived. This can be in every aspect of your life! Take note of those “friends” who are only available when it’s convenient for them or when their first option isn’t available. Or that job that you KNOW you are qualified for but keep getting turned down. But on the surface, they like you, they love you, they applaud you. Hidden figures. This is why I stay prayed up! The enemy attacks on every hand! But with God, faith, and prayer, slowly but surely, the hidden figures are being revealed. My prayer tonight is that yours be revealed as well. Don’t let anyone or anything (person or energy) keep you from reaching your greatest potential. Will you get knocked down? Yes! Feel the pain. Nurse the bruises. But you better get back up! Continue to be your authentic, genuine, real self! Let your work speak for you! Let your words be a witness to your actions. And in due time, those hidden figures will not only be revealed but they will also be destroyed!


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