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I Am Not My Hair

There are so many ways we can style our hair nowadays. We can do short, long, bald, weaves, wigs, colored, straight, curly, wavy...the options are endless! I can wear a short pixie on Monday and have long curly locks on Tuesday. Awesome, right? Then there’s the option of wearing “natural“ hair or relaxed hair.

In the last five or six years, more and more women (specifically in the African American community) have to decided to “go natural“. Most have done the BIG CHOP which consists of cutting all of the relaxer and chemicals out of the hair, allowing the hair to grow in its natural state. I, personally, am still a fan of relaxed hair. Now, I haven’t had a relaxer since August of 2018 but trust and believe, when I feel like one is needed, one will be applied! (LOL) I get told on a daily basis that I should go completely natural. But why? I have always had long, healthy hair; even with getting relaxers. I have cut my hair short several times and it grows right back.

People are paying top dollar for different types of hair and styles. I’ve heard people mention some of their wigs cost in the thousands of dollars. So my question is, why do we (women) try to push certain trends on others? Why is there so much scrutiny to those that wear wigs vs those that do not? Is your highlighted hair better than my gray streaked hair? Are you more popping because you have an invisible lace front and the next chick has a busted sew-in?

When did we start letting our hair define us? Does our hair make us who we are as a person? Are we afraid that people will like us or respect us less if we aren’t following certain hair trends? Can we get back to doing what makes us feel comfortable? Can women just simply do what makes them feel beautiful again? Whether it’s natural, relaxed, kinky, curly, straight, short, or long, DO YOU! And remember, beYOUtiful!


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