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I Have Nothing

Normally, at the beginning of each week, I try to blog about something meaningful and/or inspirational. I try to post an “AHA” moment or at least something to make you think. But as the weekend cane to an end and it was time for me to post something, I realized, I had nothing. I couldn’t think of not one thing and believe me when I say, I was struggling! I was determined to find something to post about.

But then it hit me, it’s ok to go blank sometimes. It’s ok to have to reset sometimes. When you are constantly on the go and/or always pouring into others, every now and then, you may just have to go “blank” and pour into yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating a clean slate for YOU!

Do you need a reset? Do you need to pour into yourself? Sometimes having nothing is a way to get you everything you need!

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