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If It’s Wrong, Make It Right

I remember years ago when I was a teen, I joined White Oak Grove Baptist Church. I absolutely loved going to church and loved its members. My pastor and first lady, the late Melvin Fuller and tge honorable Rosa Fuller, became second parents. The older I got, my body started to change and things were pertruding. Chile, I was super thick...but my clothes were still slim and skinny.

I will never forget, First Lady Rosa pulling me in her office, away from nosy ears, to talk to me about my attire. She did it quietly and most importantly, with love. She took it a step further and took me to buy some clothes that were more suitable for church.

Now, I can stop right now because that was the lesson! That was the AHA MOMENT! But for those that missed it, here ya go:

Sometimes, people get so focused on the wrong in others and their actions that we forget on how to help make it right. We will drag people through the mud but refuse to offer soap and water to rinse them off. People need to stop and think that (1) What we deem as wrong and unacceptable isn't always the case for everyone and (2) Some people don't or can't recognize the wrong that they are in.

If you see a wrong that can possibly be corrected, give grace and help make it right.

If you are going to talk the talk be prepared to walk the walk!


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