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In A New York Minute

Out of all of my travels, I had never been to New York. I know, hard to believe, right? I just recently got the opportunity to go, and I jumped on it! My friend Darius asked me to ride with him a few weeks ago and I was super excited! Even though our stay wasn’t long, it gave me just what I needed to prepare for a future trip.

He took me sightseeing so that I could see some key touristy locations. I even ate at a bodega! (No, I didn’t have all of my jewelry on LOL) I enjoyed every minute. But this was the highlight of my trip: We pulled up to a light at an intersection and as I had my camera snapping and recording, he said “Look to your right.” I turned and saw Times Square! The lights, the buildings, the people…it was all so surreal! I was so excited! I felt like a kid in a candy store! I snapped as many photos as I could in the minute it took for the light to change.

That quick minute was a reminder just how fast God can bless you. You can be on a daily road trip called life, going through the same obstacles and adventures until one day, God says, “Look Right!” And boom! An avenue of blessings can literally take your breath away!

Stay the course friends! Life can change in a New Your Minute!

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