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India Arie is so WORTHY

India Arie is a soulful songstress and songwriter that has been killing the charts for years! With songs like “Video”, “Brownskin”, and “I Am Not My Hair”, she has given confidence to women, especially Black women more than she probably knows! Her new album “Worthy” is such an inspirational, motivational, and informative piece of work, that it is killing charts already and has only been released for a few months. Her recent visual to newly released “Steady Love” featuring David Banner, is such a beautiful display of black love, which is definitely needed nowadays. A lot of applause and much respect to Ms. Arie for gifting the world with a much needed word in the form of an album. I can stop listening to it. Here’s my take on the album below. (Songs in capital letters are song titles on the album)

Because you’re WORTHY, WHAT IF I allow you into my SACRED SPACE and we love each other as kings and queens. We begin to open up to one another, fully and completely. No more SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA! Just releasing our fears and inhibitions. Let’s be CRAZY enough to FOLLOW THE SUN in our HOUR OF LOVE! You’ve got THAT MAGIC! That STEADY LOVE of yours keeps me in trouble. IN GOOD TROUBLE! And as we ride on this dope ROLLERCOASTER of love, our hearts, our minds, and our spirits, will always and continuously PRAY FOR HUMANITY because we all, are WORTHY!


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