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It’s The Little Things

Just a regular black and white polka dot dress. Can be worn as is or dressed up with a sweater. Maybe throw on some flats for brunch or heels for dinner. Hair up. Hair down. Piece together a few plain accessories or just one strong statement piece. Whatever goes with this regular black and white polka dot dress. But the dress isn’t so me.

About six years ago, someone gave me this dress. I absolutely loved it! One problem though, I couldn’t fit it! I could not even get my arm comfortably through each sleeve. The material laughed when I tried to get it over my hips. But I loved this dress! I hung it up in my closet and that is where it has remained. I have taken it out maybe twice a year, in hopes that these pounds would have mercy on me and hide long enough for me to slide it on. No such luck.

Here we are, the beginning of the new year 2020. Time for the dress to make its biannual appearance. I grudgingly took it off of the hanger and began to put it on one arm at a time. Left arm, in. Right arm, in. A small smirk graced my face. Here we go! Time for the real test. Will this material make it over these hips and booty? I start to slowly pull it down and BOOM! Not only does it fit, the belt made it around my waste and fastened. I was ecstatic!

So often do I down myself for my mistakes that I forget to remember the little things that I should be proud of. I have to pat myself on the back every now and then for my achievements. And you should too! Take time and reward yourself. See in you what others don’t see. Be proud of yourself! Love on yourself! And remember, to always, beYOUtiful!!!


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