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It’s Your Season

What do you think when you hear or when someone tells you “It’s your season”? For most, the thought of prosperity, increase, relief, greatness, etc come to mind. And those are all positive reactions to have! Now what do you think of if someone mentions the season of winter? Usually coldness, bare trees, the lack of sunshine, and even sadness comes to mind. But this too…is a season, right?

What if your season is not full of blooming flowers and birds chirping? What if your season includes sickness, bills, stress, failed friendships/relationships and hard times? It’s a season, right? If you are like me, that’s a season I’d like to skip! But we can’t! Here’s the good part…seasons change! And yes, every now and then, we must go through our hard and cold and lonely season but oh boy…it’s only prepping us to truly appreciate and experience the sunny seasons; the seasons of hope, joy, prosperity, and greatness!

Embrace ALL of your seasons! We must grow through them as we go through them! And just remember, the thing about seasons, they do change!!!


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